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2018 Sessions

Below, please find the detailed information for each of the educational sessions. Click on the hour in which you would like to find more information.

Hour 1: Tuesday, March 27th - 9:00am to 10:00am
Opening Session: #101 - State of the Multifamily Industry
  • Bullets to be announced
Moderator: Rick L. Graf, CPM®, President & Chief Executive Officer - Pinnacle
Scott Wilder, CPM®, Executive Vice President - Lincoln Property Company
Stacy G. Hunt, Executive Director - Greystar
Carlos Vaz, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer - CONTI Organization

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Hour 2: Tuesday, March 27th - 10:45am to 11:45am
Session #201 - Appropriate Diligence for Acquiring and/or Lending on a Multifamily Project
State of the Industry
State of the Industry
  • Do I really need to have every unit inspected?
  • How important is a detailed lease review?
  • What sub-market and neighborhood factors have the greatest impact on value?
  • Can this project really be transformed from a class C+/B- to B+/A- with an appropriate ROI?
Moderator: Robert Brasfield, Managing Director, Non-Performing Asset Management - Trimont Real Estate Advisors
Norman Radow, Chief Executive Officer - The RADCO Companies
Tony Whitaker, President and Chief Executive Officer - FSI Construction
Suzanne Jones, Senior Vice President, Senior Director - Northmarq Capital

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Session #202 - Inside the Bubble - Understanding the Ceiling of Apartment Demand

  • Apartment development trends include concentrations in urban areas and in luxury units – how does that affect rent growth nationally and by region?
  • Apartment occupancy is dropping from cycle peaks – how low will it go and in which metros is it a concern?
  • Certain areas in each metro are going to see above average rent growth despite new units in development
  • How will apartment demand hold up over the long term – based on factors such as social and demographic trends and the new tax law?
Moderator: Paul Fiorilla, Associate Research Director - Yardi Systems
Dr. Terry Clower, Director of the Center for Regional Analysis - George Mason University
David W. Snyder, Chief Executive Officer - Continental Realty Advisors

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Hour 3: Tuesday, March 27th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Session #301 - Trends in Multifamily Finance
State of the Industry
State of the Industry
  • Better understand how current trends may impact your business
  • Learn how to best position yourself to receive the financing your project requires
  • Recognize how various trends intersect
Moderator: Chad Thomas Hagwood, Senior Vice President, Originations- Capital One
     Multifamily Finance
Tyler Griffin, Chief Operating Officer - Dwight Capital
Vic Clark, Senior Managing Director - Hunt Mortgage Group
Calvin Zeringue Jr., Senior Vice President - Berkadia Commercial Mortgage, LLC
Robert Stickel, Managing Director - Cushman & Wakefield

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Session #302 - Modern Day Security 101: Protecting Shared Spaces & Smart Homes

  • New technology and key strategies that improve and modernize apartment security
    • Tactics properties can use to keep the safety of their residents, public spaces and shared amenities a top priority
  • Learn about the impact security has on resident experiences and expectations
    • In the era of smart homes and the rising popularity of shared community spaces, what do residents expect from apartment security? 
  • Explore the real-world financial impact of security, and how to balance convenience with cost
Moderator: Chris Moreno, Vice President of National Partnerships - Luxer One
Raymond van Beveren, Senior Vice President, Construction and Facilities Services
​     - Pinnacle
Theresa Kaiser-White, CPM®, Vice President Asset Management & Procurement
     - Lincoln Property Company
Steve Hallsey, Executive Vice President of Operations - Wood Partners

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Hour 4: Tuesday, March 27th - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Session #401 - 2018 Operations Trends
tate of the Industry
State of the Industry
  • Best practices
  • Opportunities/challenges
  • Industry trends
  • State of multifamily
Moderator: Ed Wolff, President, LeasingDesk Insurance & Screening - RealPage
Sharon Hatfield, President, Property Operations - CF Real Estate Services
John Jeter, Senior Vice President of Asset Management - Post Investment Group
Marcie Williams, CAPS, CPM®, President - Rivergate KW Residential

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Session #402 - The Apartment Building of the Future: Technology and Activation
  • How can existing common spaces in multifamily properties be used to maximize NOI return?
  • What are renters looking for when renewing leases?
  • How can property managers proactively differentiate their properties?
  • How can technology optimize the renter experience?
Moderator: Ben Pleat, CEO & Founder - Doorbell Inc.
Maria Seredina, Senior Manager, Corporate Development - Zillow Group
Ash Bell, Executive Vice President - Updater
Demetri Themelis, Co-Founder - Knock

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Hour 5: Tuesday, March 27th - 3:45pm to 4:45pm
Session #501 - The Changing Landscape in the Multifamily World
State of the Industry
State of the Industry
  • Investment sales = Activity and trends in A/B/C deals
  • Operations/Impact of Houston floods on Dallas multifamily
  • Underwriting
  • Equity
  • Development challenges
Moderator: Brian J. O'Boyle, Sr., Vice Chairman - ARA, A Newmark Company
Steve T. Lamberti, President and Chief Operating Officer - Milestone Management
Tom Bakewell, President of Development and Co-Founder - StreetLights Residential
Greg Kraus, Managing Director, Head of Acquisitions - Invesco

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Session #502 - Pre and Post Disaster Recovery - A Case for Advocacy

  • Preparing for Disaster - perils & pitfalls of insuring improperly
  • Following the Disaster - The roles and responsibilities of owners and property managers
  • Role and Responsibility of An Advocate - insurance brokers, restoration contractors, public adjusters
  • Case studies
Moderator: Steve Severaid, Principal - The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International
Ivo Labar, Partner - Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP
Todd Thomas, President - Sigma Consulting Corporation
Paul Migdal, Executive Vice President - The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International

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Hour 6: Wednesday, March 28th - 9:00am to 10:00am
Session #601 - Capital Markets Update
  • Update on Fannie/Freddie
  • Who are the major players among bridge, mezz and equity?
  • What is happening to rates - are they on the rise, will they hold steady?
Moderator: Eric Khoa, Vice President - Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital
Gary Bechtel, President - Money360
John S. Brownlee, Senior Managing Director - HFF, LP
Additional Panelist to be Announced

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Session #602 - Let's Give Them Something to Talk About: Reputation Management vs. Revenue
  • How does reputation management have an impact on overall revenue?
  • Reputation management strategies
  • Training and understanding for a successful reputation management program
  • Use your reputation management to increase revenue
Moderator: John Sons, Director of Training and Marketing Strategies
​     - Burlington Capital Properties
Courtney Petrie, VP of Sales & Marketing - Weblisters
Chris Williams, Senior Sales Executive - RentPath

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Hour 7: Wednesday, March 28th - 10:15am to 11:15am
Session #701 - Buying to Maximize Yield
  • Purchasing smart in today's competitive market
  • How to identify true value-added opportunities
  • Best debt structure available for value-added opportunities
  • Managing to achieve higher yields
Moderator: John C. Barker, Founding Principal - 180 Multifamily Capital LLC
James Rastello, President - Tradewind Properties
Noah Miller, Vice President of Acquisitions - Pensam Residential
Eric S. Silverman, Managing Partner - Eastham Capital
Chris Deuillet, First Vice President - CBRE
Carlos Vaz, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer - CONTI Organization

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Session #702 - Corporate Social Responsibility Moves in to Multifamily - Is Your Corporate Reputation at Risk?
  • Discover the financial impact of "corporate social responsibility" in multifamily
  • The three pillars of corporate responsibility
  • Understand the new frontiers of reputation management uncovered by CSR
  • Learn first steps to integrate socially responsible practices into your organization

Moderator: Doug Miller, Founder and Chief Operating Officer - ManagInc
Jennifer B. Casey, Senior Vice President of Operations - The Donaldson Group
Susan Goff, Director of Brand Management - Milestone Management
Kelly Vickers, LEED Green Associate, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility
     - Alliance Residential Company

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Hour 8: Wednesday, March 28th - 11:30am to 12:30pm
Session #801 -Surprises: Good for Birthdays, Bad for Real Estate Deals (Keeping your Real Estate Loan on Track After the LOI)
  • Whether it’s PCA reports, appraisals or rate increases - trouble shooting potential issues
  • From the document/due process side, what is slowing down or increasing expenses in deals?
  • Common issues/claims title companies often see
  • Any new endorsements to protect buyers?
Moderator: Carl Pankratz, Vice President - NorthMarq Capital
Frank W. Busch, III, President and Chief Executive Officer - Thomas Title & Escrow
Chris Stringer, President - Bank of the Ozarks
Tyler Johnson, Partner - Husch Blackwell

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Session #802 - "Show Me the Money"" - How to Make Green Projects Pencil - Lessons from the Passivhaus Boom
  • Case studies of profitable green multifamily Passivhaus projects from developers across the U.S
  • Learn how these developers maximized revenue by leveraging the unique development attributes of green projects
  • Learn how green projects can reduce expenses, from project financing to building maintenance
  • Learn how to leverage public green incentives to create buildings of higher quality with higher return
Moderator: Tim Weyand, Chief Executive Officer - Nicholson Kovalchick Architects
Sloan Ritchie, Founder and Owner - Cascade Built
Steven Bluestone, Co-Founder - ICF Panels and Helex Rebar | Founder - Passive Dwellings

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