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Crittenden Conferences
Crittenden Conferences

2018 Conference Attendees

Conference Attendees - As of 3/22/18

Josh Adams, Asset Manager - Adara Communities

Becky Alejandrino, COO - Fath Properties

Keith Andrews, CCIM, Principal/Co-Founder - A&M Equity Group, LLC

Jay Anthony, Principal - Anthony Properties

Ross Anthony, Vice President - Anthony Properties

Roy Araya, Vice President - Refino Services, LLC

Jay Ash, Loan Officer - Wilshire Finance Partners, Inc.

Tom Bakewell, President of Development and Co-Founder - StreetLights Residential

Tyler Ball, Director of Business Development - Tradewind Properties

Mike Ballard, Partner - Ascent Multifamily

Murray Banks, Associate - Green Street Advisors

John C. Barker, Founding Principal - 180 Multifamily Capital LLC

Dave Bartholet, Principal - DiBar Enterprises LLC

Sarah Bearden, Director of National Accounts - Audio Images

Ken Beavin, Senior Project Manager - Refino Services, LLC

Gary Bechtel, President - Money360, Inc.

Ash Bell, Executive Vice President - Updater

Abe Bhimani, Partner - Mosaic Residential

Brian Bigham, Associate VP of Business Development - Madison SPECS

Ian Bingham, Senior Vice President - CF Real Estate Services

Sandford Birdsey, President - Birdsey Group

Rob Blackman, National Sales Manager - Fairway Architectural Railing, LLC

Tim Blackwell, Contributing Editor, Property Management Insider - Property Management Insider

Steven Bluestone, Co-Founder - ICF Panels & Helex Rebar | Founder - Passive Dwellings

Jack Boarman, Partner - BKV Group

Robert Brasfield, Managing Director, Non-Performing Asset Management - Trimont Real Estate Advisors

Laura Brink, Executive Assistant - Urban Village

Courtney Bristow, Partner - Cassin & Cassin LLP

Craig Brooks, Division President - Burgess Construction Consultants

Stephanie Brown, SVP of Client Services - National - Rivergate KW Residential

John S. Brownlee, Senior Managing Director - HFF, LP

Paul Brumm, Director of Operations - Refino Services, LLC

Courtney Burkett, Vice President - Goldman Sachs

Rick Burkhalter, General Manager - SALES, Inc.

Jay Burton, VP of Channel Development - Luxer One

Frank W. Busch, III, President and Chief Executive Officer - Thomas Title & Escrow

Dan Cain, Regional Sales Executive - Investor Management Services

Jonel Carlson, Sales Executive - Zillow Group

Jennifer B. Casey, Senior Vice President of Operations - The Donaldson Group

Roger Casey, Executive Vice President - Burgess Construction Consultants

Hunter Cassidy, Asset Manager - Madera Residential

Laura Catalino, SVP Marketing - Money360, Inc.

Brian Caviness, Sr. Associate - Leon Capital Group

Shelley Cernel, Director of Marketing - Investor Management Services

Vince Cicciarelli, Associate Director - CrowdStreet, Inc.

Vic Clark, Senior Managing Director - Hunt Mortgage Group

Shane Clements, VP Sales - TX - Knock

Janie Clinkscales, Vice President - Alliance Tax Advisors

Dr. Terry Clower, Director of the Center for Regional Analysis - George Mason University

David Cocanougher, Managing Director - Leon Capital Group

Greg Coke, Director of Asset Management - Pillarstone Capital REIT

Jeff Coyne, Director - GRS Group

Colin Cross, Vice President/Mortgage Banking - Hunt Mortgage Group

Brandon Cummings, Business Development Manager - Doster Construction Company

Nema Daghbandan, Partner - Geraci LLP

Yvette Davis, Industry Principal - RealPage, Inc.

Brian Dawson, Regional Manager - Wilmar | The Home Depot

Aldo Deiulis, Manager, Multifamily Utility Services - MidAmerican Energy Services

Jonathan Delcambre, Associate Partner - BKV Group

Fred Delibero, CEO - Griffin Riley Property Group

Chris Deuillet, First Vice President - CBRE

Nicholas Diamond, Director - Greystone & Co.

Dawnyel Dishman, Chief Administrative Officer - ReadyCap Commercial

Robert Durham, Account Executive - ALN Data INC

Jeremy Edmiston, Senior VP Client Services - Pinnacle

Ryan Eibner, Executive Representative - Power Design Inc.

Joe Emerson, Partner - Weller Residential

Jensen Fair, Senior Business Consultant - Zillow Group

Mark Fallon, Director Business Development - JCR Capital

Kyle Fankhauser, Manager Application Services, RFMS - RealFoundations

Tom Few, Vice President of Business Development - Vivint

Paul Fiorilla, Associate Research Director - Yardi Systems

Chris Foley, Account Development Representative - Investor Management Services

Grant Garlock, Commercial Loan Officer - BMC Capital

Nathan Garrett, Principal - Tulsa Property Group

Peter Gaviorno, Senior Vice President, Business Development - National Apartment Association

Summer Gell, Relationship Manager - Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

A.J. Gilbert, Principal - Metis Legacy Partners

Michel Gilbert, Loan Officer - ReadyCap Commercial

Kathryn Giles, Director of Marketing - Weber Group, Inc.

Holly Goethals, Senior Director, Product Marketing - Payments - RealPage, Inc.

Susan Goff, Director of Brand Management - Milestone Management

Rick L. Graf, CPM®, President & Chief Executive Officer - Pinnacle

Brian Gramlich, Founder - Terrydale Capital, LLC

Edward Gray, Production Manager - Sabal

Mary Greer, Account Executive - Engrain

Tyler Griffin, Chief Operating Officer - Dwight Capital

Alex Groot, Managing Director - Wells Fargo Bank

Lori Gunningham, Executive Assistant to CEO - CONTI Organization

Chad Thomas Hagwood, Senior Vice President, Originations - Capital One Multifamily Finance

Alan Hall, National Sales Executive - Old Republic National Title

Brian Hallock, Senior Account Executive - Audio Images

Steve Hallsey, Executive Vice President of Operations - Wood Partners

John Hamilton, COO - Amerisouth Realty

Ruel Hamilton, President & CEO - Amerisouth Realty

Michael Harrison, National Sales Manager - Vivint

Sharon Hatfield, President, Property Operations - CF Real Estate Services

Cole Healy, Director - Portfolio Growth - Blue Ridge Companies

John Heine, Broker - Investors Realty, Inc.

Brent Hennig, Vice President - PennyMac Commercial Real Estate

Javier Herrera, Vice President - BridgeInvest

Matt Hillyer, Credit Chief Officer - ReadyCap Commercial

Barry Howell, Managing Director - GTIS Partners

Thomas Hoy, Sr. Associate - Leon Capital Group

Stewart Hsu, Co-Founder and President - CONTI Organization

Stacy G. Hunt, Executive Director - Greystar

Donna Ismajili, VP of Business Development, Western Region - National Exemption Service

Nicolas Jans, Regional Director - Southwest Region - Money360, Inc.

John Jeter, Senior Vice President of Asset Management - Post Investment Group

Rusty Johnson, Business Development Manager - Multihousing - dormakaba USA

Tyler Johnson, Partner - Husch Blackwell

Suzanne Jones, Senior Vice President, Senior Director - NorthMarq Capital

Theresa Kaiser-White, CPM®, Vice President Asset Management & Procurement - Lincoln Property Company

Scott Kardos, South Regional Director - Bock & Clark

Sean Kavanagh, Vice President of Investments - The RADCO Companies

Stephen Kennedy, Managing Director - LLC

Eric Khoa, Vice President - Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital

David Koenig, VP of Sales -

Greg Kraus, Managing Director, Head of Acquisitions - Invesco

Ivo Labar, Partner - Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP

Steve T. Lamberti, President and Chief Operating Officer - Milestone Management

Ashley LaRocca, Director of Pre-Development Services - BKV Group

John Larson, Senior Managing Director - Hunt Mortgage Group

Kyle Lefebvre, Director Business Development/Multi-family - Vivint

Michael Lewis, President - Vantex Equities

Becky Loker, Director, National Accounts - IOTAS

Holly Lortie, Analyst - Steward Energy

Jake Loveless, Vice President - Griffin Riley Property Group

Jeffery Lowry, Chief Operating Officer - Madera Residential

Vince Macauda, President - Millman National Land Services

Dee Malkerneker, Investor - enhance holdings

Jim Marfuggi, Principal - ClearWorth Capital

David Martinez, Director - RETC LP

Melissa Martorella, Attorney - Geraci LLP

Lew McGinnis, Owner - Consolidated Capital Investments

Megan McGinnis, Owner - Consolidated Capital Investments

Timothy McInerney, Director of Partnerships - Pillow Global, Inc.

Ian McIntosh, IP Insurance and Screening - RealPage, Inc.

Kevin McKeon, President - Burlington Capital Properties

Pierre Melhado, Managing Director of Property Services - McCaffery Interests

Mike Meltzer, Credit Risk Manager - Fannie Mae

Mike Mick, Project Manager - Refino Services, LLC

Paul Migdal, Executive Vice President - The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International

Doug Miller, Founder and Chief Operating Officer - ManagInc

Noah Miller, Vice President of Acquisitions & Finance - Pensam Residential

Ahmed Mohamed, Senior Sales Executive - Zillow Group

Noah Molnar, Executive VP - POPIC, LLC

Jared Monarch, Managing Partner - Monarch Realty

Jason Monarch, Managing Partner - Monarch Realty

Mike Monarch, Managing Partner - Monarch Realty

David Monroe, CCIM, Principal/Co-Founder - A&M Equity Group, LLC

Chris Moreno, Vice President of National Partnerships - Luxer One

Sean Morgan, Director of Acquisitions - Southern Land Company

Raiza Nazareth, Investor Relations Manager - CONTI Organization

Mike Newby, Director, Multifamily & Commercial - Burgess Construction Consultants

Brian J. O'Boyle, Sr., Vice Chairman - ARA, A Newmark Company

Dan Olsen, Senior Vice President - KeyBank Real Estate Capital

Manny Organek, President - Continental Realty Corporation

Chris Overstreet, Director of Preconstruction Services - Doster Construction Company

Carl Pankratz, Vice President - NorthMarq Capital

Alex Park, Sales Associate - Madison Title - Texas

Jamal Parker, CEO - Jamal Parker Enterprises

Brandon Pate, Assistant Vice President - Capital One Multifamily Finance

Alex Perry, VP Development - Perry Reid Properties

Courtney Petrie, VP of Sales & Marketing - Weblisters

Bob Pinnegar, President & CEO - National Apartment Association

Garrett Pisarik, Director of Acquisitions - CONTI Organization

Ben Pleat, CEO & Founder - Doorbell Inc.

Helen Poorman, VP of Property - Gables Residential

Darren Powderly, CCIM, Co-Founder, VP of Sales - CrowdStreet, Inc.

Jennifer Price, Owner - Consolidated Capital Investments

Lisa Radow, Vice President - RADCO

Norman Radow, Chief Executive Officer - The RADCO Companies

James Rastello, President - Tradewind Properties

Ryan Reeb, Vice President, Acquisitions - The Michelson Organization

Billy Reed, COO - Audio Images

Craig Reid, Principal - Perry Reid Properties

Jerry Reimer, Owner - Urban Village

Glen Rich, Managing Director - CrowdStreet, Inc.

Sloan Ritchie, Founder and Owner - Cascade Built

Erika Rock, Senior Sales Executive - Zillow Group

Clint Rogers, Commercial Loan Officer - BMC Capital

Kenneth Romero, Project Manager - Refino Services, LLC

Lonnie Rozmiarek, Owner - Forudad, LLC

Rob Russell, Managing Director, Agency Origination and CMBS Head of Production - Greystone & Co.

Brian Scheiwe, Associate - Leon Capital Group

Mike Schmitt, National Sales Executive - IOTAS

Ross Schneider, Research Analyst - Meyers Research

Eric Seedman, Executive VP - POPIC, LLC

Maria Seredina, Senior Manager, Corporate Development - Zillow Group

Steve Severaid, Principal - The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International

Brian Shiu, VP Development - Anthony Properties

Eric S. Silverman, Managing Partner - Eastham Capital

Chandler Sims, Associate - CBRE

Meera Singh, Credit Risk Manager - Fannie Mae

John Sloot, Vice President - Hunt Mortgage Group

Lee Small, Director, Business Development - Thomas Title & Escrow

David W. Snyder, Chief Executive Officer - Continental Realty Advisors

John Sons, Director of Training and Marketing Strategies - Burlington Capital Properties

Matt Souter, VP - Green Street Advisors

Carl Starry, Director - Leon Capital Group

Jeremie Stenman, Managing Partner - Kinsman Capital / jhme Real Estate Advisors

Robert Stickel, Managing Director - Cushman & Wakefield

Melanie Stiles, Vice President of Marketing and Training - Milestone Management

Matthew Stone, Principal - ClearWorth Capital

Chris Stringer, President - Bank of the Ozarks

Jordan Tabbert, Vice President, Acquisitions - ClearWorth Capital

Cara Talafuse, Vice President of Operations - Fath Properties

Cindy Tatum, Sales Executive -

Janis Taylor, Account Representative - RealPage, Inc.

Demetri Themelis, Co-Founder - Knock

Todd Thomas, President - Sigma Consulting Corporation

Cliff Tidwell, Director Client Services - Greystar

Matt Turner, Senior Vice President - Revere Capital

Sabrina Turner, Regional Director - KBKG

Chris Urbanus, Director - Burgess Energy Services

Cindy Ureno, Revenue Manager - Sequoia Equities

Raymond van Beveren, Senior Vice President, Construction and Facilities Services - Pinnacle

Bryan Vanhooydonk, Regional Vice President - Updater

Kelley VanHorn, Regional Sales Director - InfoTycoon

Carlos Vaz, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer - CONTI Organization

Carlos Vaz, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer - CONTI Organization

Quintin VerHagen, Associate VP Business Development - Madison Title - Texas

Kelly Vickers, LEED Green Associate, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility  - Alliance Residential Company

Jeff Walker, Managing Director - Birdsey Group

Megan Walton, Senior Business Consultant - Zillow Group

Kailey Warren, National Sales Associate - BBG

Robert Waz, Associate Asset Manager - LivCor

Joe Webb, Senior Vice President - Burlington Capital Properties

Dov Weinschneider, Equity Associate - Greystone Funding Corporation

Tina Welch, Acquisition Associate - Madera Residential

Bobby Welliver, National & Strategic Accounts Manager | Multihousing NA - dormakaba USA

Walter Wendt, President - Refino Services, LLC

Luke Westerfield, Principal - Tulsa Property Group

Tim Weyand, Chief Executive Officer - Nicholson Kovalchick Architects

Ryan Whitaker, Manager Desktop Support, RFMS - RealFoundations

Tony Whitaker, President & Chief Executive Officer - FSI Construction

Scott Wilder, CPM®, Executive Vice President - Lincoln Property Company

Holly Wilhelm, Vice President, Asset Optimization - RealPage, Inc.

Carrie Williams, Business Development - Paradigm Tax Group

Chris Williams, Senior Sales Executive - RentPath

Mark Williams, Managing Director - Canyon Partners Real Estate LLC

Marcie Williams, CAPS, CPM®, President - Rivergate KW Residential

Becca Wilson, CEO - Spherexx

Braeden Wilson, Real Estate Analyst - CONTI Organization

Ed Wolff, President, LeasingDesk Insurance & Screening - RealPage, Inc.

Gary Woods, Relationship Manager - Greystone Servicing Corporation, Inc.

Lance Woodward, Principal - 180 Multifamily Capital LLC

Micah Worm, Associate - Madera Residential

John Wright, National Sales Manager - BBG

Eddie Yarmer, Sr. Vice President - RKW Residential

Jonathan Yarnold, SVP of Marketing - Wood Partners

Calvin Zeringue, Jr., Senior Vice President - Berkadia Commercial Mortgage, LLC


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